Three Reasons to Leave Your Comfort Zone

Hilton recently celebrated ranking #2 on the 25 World’s Best Workplaces list for 2018 by FORTUNE, and I can personally attest that Hilton is an amazing place to work! The career opportunities here are vast, and the benefits and culture make Hilton unique.

Hilton has allowed me to take on so many new and exciting challenges! There are endless opportunities within Hilton and I’m grateful that Hilton encourages departmental transfers because these allow for learning each function within the company. In late 2017, after six years of working in Hilton IT, I applied for a position managing applications within Hilton Supply Management (HSM), Hilton’s global procurement division– I got the job! It was the best career decision I’ve ever made and a role that was perfect for me. The department transfer allowed me to learn a business function that was completely new while also utilizing my technology background and skill set. I have learned so much about HSM’s business, including the sourcing process and our customers’ journey– something I never thought I would be part of. Had I not taken that first leap of faith to apply for a position outside of my comfort zone, I would have missed the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

Here are my top three tips for finding success (and happiness!) outside your comfort zone:

  1. Take risks, make decisions, and stand by them. Take on a big challenge. You can do it. Show off your strengths! Be confident in the decision you made and believe in the reasons that supported your choice. Even if you fail, take it as a learning opportunity. You’ll feel satisfied knowing that you accomplished something you otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do.
  2. Find someone to lean on. Find a mentor or someone with positive, uplifting words who knows you and your work. It has been so helpful to me to have someone that lifts me up when I feel discouraged or stressed. A mentor’s encouragement will help you through stressful situations. For me, my mentor was especially helpful when I first started my new position.
  3. Push yourself. Don’t just do your job, do your job well. If you’re not familiar with a topic or function, study it. Understand the systems, acronyms, data, people and processes you’re supporting. Push yourself to be proactive and find solutions or ways to streamline processes. Present your new ideas to your management and show your inventiveness and creativity in the work you produce.

I hope this inspires you to take on challenging assignments or roles that will lead you to new adventures!