The Five-Minute Guide to Excelling at Work

What does it take to find success? We’ve shared advice our Team Members have learned along their path to success. Keep reading for a continued look at how Team Hilton strives for success each and every day!

1. Every Day you’re Hustling
“I find that skills like diligence, agility and the ability to connect with people from all walks of life are crucial to success.” – Shikha, Cluster Human Resources Manager, EMEA

Persistently working hard in any job you have will foster positive results. Being stagnant in the workplace can only take you so far, whereas attacking each task with enthusiasm and efficiency will help you to push limits, learn from your mistakes and grow mentally. Creating a lifelong career that you’re proud of is a labor of love and only you can make it happen for yourself.

2. Use your Resources
“Utilize LinkedIn and local hiring fairs to meet people face-to-face. You want to be able to follow-up with people you meet, so ask for a business card and be sure to send a follow-up email.” – Lauren, Senior Manager of Military Programs

With the immense access to opportunities and connections that are available today, ignoring these possibilities would be a disservice to yourself as a professional. Creating a professional network today is as easy as clicking a few buttons and typing a few friendly sentences. Building upon the chances to meet future employers, network with professionals in your field and developing friendships to utilize down the road will bring you new opportunities and insights that can help you in your career and personal life.

3. Keep an Open-Mind About Career Growth
“I had a fantastic opportunity to switch my career path and now, I don’t just have an office, but a second home. With my career journey, I’m empowered to thrive and succeed in every role I take.” –Peggy, Marketing and Communications Manager at Hilton Hefei

High expectations are a double-edged sword – on one hand, they can motivate you to reach higher and be better, but also end in disappointment. Entry-level positions are opportunities to gain hands-on experience, learn the trade and build your network. Career growth is only limited by your own performance, so take each position in stride and use the time to develop meaningful skills for the future.

4. Be Honest
“Speak your thoughts and share your knowledge for the betterment of your workplace and yourself.” – John, Procurement Supervisor at Conrad Manila

Sharing your opinions can be difficult in a professional setting; however, the rewards outweigh the risks. Use your voice as a constructive tool to improve the business. Open and respectful communication will create stronger work relationships and possibilities for growth, personally and professionally.

5. It’s Okay to Make Mistakes
“Use an analytical mind and creativity to take the feedback you get from clients and team members and process it into greater experiences.” – Nicole, Manager of Guest Assistance, Dallas

No one will remember the mistake if it’s solved in a thoughtful and intelligent manner. Taking feedback and past issues to create a better future is how each business, person and team gets better. When receiving feedback, approach the critique with the desire to improve, rather than feeling hurt or judged.