Team Member. Military Spouse. Warrior.

November is National Veterans and Military Families Month and we’re proud to honor the veterans, military spouses and caregivers at Team Hilton. We thank you for your service and sacrifices!  Follow along on our Instagram this month as we highlight stories of veterans who transferred their military skills to a job at Hilton and military spouses and caregivers who found support and meaningful careers here along the way.

Hilton Reservations Customer Care Coordinator, Julie, knows what it means to fight for her life. After beating breast cancer, this military spouse and mother of two has gone on to start a nonprofit where she helps other cancer survivors and their families.

Tell us about your military spouse experience.

My military spouse experience has been one of the most humbling in my lifetime. I get the privilege to be among a group that is needed the most to keep our soldier’s minds at ease while they are deployed or on a mission. To say I am a proud military spouse in an understatement. Even though our journey has had its ups and downs with moving around, multiple deployments, and medical health issues, we will keep moving forward one step at a time.

What brought you to Hilton?

My journey with Hilton began on a late sleepless night browsing through social media. The chemo treatment I was going through kept me awake most nights. I just had my fourth treatment and was not able to work my current job at the time as I needed a lot of time off. My husband was brought back from deployment to help me go through cancer treatments, take care of our family, pay the bills, and be in a role that he was not familiar with. Side effects from treatments kept me from working full time and I really needed to find a way to bring in some kind of income.

This job opening could not have come at a better time. It helped bring in income and allowed me to work at home, which helped with not having to deal with others staring because I didn’t have hair or putting on office clothes when there were days that I was so swollen from steroid medications.

What skills do you use most in your position today that you gained from your experience as a military spouse? 

As a Coordinator in our Reservations Center, I must always be an active listener and have the patience to understand that someone may just be going through a bad day. I have also learned to give the elderly or someone that may have English as their second language a few more moments of my time to be sure I understand them. As a military spouse that has dealt with many different kinds of military families, it sometimes takes just a few more moments to listen and figure out how I can help.

How has joining the Hilton team had impacted you and your family?

Joining the Hilton team has had a huge positive impact on my family. I am the founder of a nonprofit, Pink Warrior Angels of Central Texas, that helps cancer survivors and their families with some financial assistance, emotional support, and even a mentoring program from survivor to survivor. I have been able to run my nonprofit and work at the same time as the nonprofit is 100% volunteer ran. I am able to build my work hours around my family time, nonprofit work, crazy military missions, and bring in some income to supplement the financial impact that my family has been through.

Go Hilton has also helped my family be able to stay in places we would have otherwise driven back from a trip that we could not have afford. This benefit has helped me and the kids to be able to visit our solider while he was away at school for a quick weekend trip that we would not have been able to do financially.

What do you enjoy most about working for Hilton and why do you think that Hilton is a good fit for veterans and military spouses?

The thing that I love most about working for Hilton is the impact it has with helping veterans and military spouses to keep jobs that are just a diverse as the military itself. Hilton gives opportunities to those who have given the biggest sacrifice to our country, both veterans and military spouses.

Thank you, Julie, for the sacrifices you and your family have made. Your story is an inspiration and we appreciate all that you do to share the light and warmth of hospitality with our customers!

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