Celebrating International Housekeeping Week!

Often volunteering to stay late to cover additional shifts for Team Members or to assist with room attendant onboarding and training, Starlina Britten, Full Time Housekeeping Attendant at the Hilton Chicago in Illinois is no stranger to teamwork.

“It was a coincidence that I joined the Hilton team initially, but I decided to stay because I fell in love with the hotel industry immediately,” said Starlina. “The interaction I get to have with guests and Team Members makes my day an awesome one.”

Starlina first came to Hilton 13 years ago as a Housekeeping Attendant. After just one year, her manager gave her to the task to clean specialty suites at the hotel due to her expert attention to details. Today, Starlina has been promoted to a new hire trainer so new hires can also learn how to do a good job.

“I get satisfaction from knowing that my job makes a difference in someone else’s day,” said Starlina.

Starlina was also the first Team Member to successfully graduate through Hilton’s GED Assistance. When Hilton announced their GED Assistance Program, Starlina knew it was something she wanted to take advantage of and relied on the help of her then HR Manager for guidance. Starlina left high school as an adolescent to care for her newborn son.

Throughout the three-month journey to attain her GED, Starlina’s family, friends and Hilton Team Members were her support system. Next up for Starlina – she’s determined to graduate college!

“Hilton’s GED Assistance Program is just one of the many reasons that I love working for Hilton,” said Starlina. “There’s always opportunity for growth and the perks are endless!”

Starlina’s success story through the GED Assistance Program is just one of the advantages that makes Hilton the #1 Place to Work in the U.S. and the #2 Place to Work in the World. Join the team and apply today at jobs.hilton.com.