A Great Workplace for Parents Around the World

For the second consecutive year, Fortune magazine and Great Place to Work ranked Hilton #2 on the World’s Best Workplaces list. What makes Hilton one of the best places to work in the world? In this five part series, we asked Team Members around the word why they love Team Hilton and we consistently heard the culture, benefits, opportunities for growth and travel perks make Hilton stand out above the rest. Keep reading to learn more about one of our most industry-leading benefits.

At Hilton, we are focused on creating an environment where people can thrive in both their careers and personal lives, because we know our Team Members aren’t just employees, but friends, parents and more. This can mean different things in different regions, but we know when our Team Members feel supported and confident they work for a company that cares about their well-being, they are even more inspired to fulfill our purpose to be the world’s most hospitable company. This is why we are committed to providing Team Members with industry-leading benefits to help them succeed at work and at home. In fact, our family-friendly support spans the parenthood journey and is one of the reasons we have been recognized as the #1 Best Workplaces for Parents in the U.S. two years in a row!

And our commitment to parents is getting even stronger. Year after year Hilton continues to enhance family-friendly benefits, including the recently announced extended leave in the U.S. and enhanced maternity, paternity and adoption leave in EMEA.

So, what makes Hilton a great place to work for parents?

Keep reading to hear from Hilton parents around the world about how Hilton has fostered a great workplace for parents like themselves.

Meet our Team Members:

Jackie and Luis, a U.S.-based couple who recently welcomed their son, Giovanny, utilizing Hilton’s maternity and parental leave. Jackie is a Business Development Manager, Global Support for Hilton Reservations & Customer Care (HRCC) ResMax, dedicated to the growth of HRCC’s premium reservation service. Luis is currently a Development Coach for a team of HRCC Guest Engagement Specialists.

Luis and Jackie with their son, Giovanny.

Luis and Jackie with their son, Giovanny.

Neville, a Dubai-based father of two, was one of the first fathers to use Hilton’s enhanced paternity leave in EMEA with his new daughter, born in October. He is a Senior Manager of Openings for the Dubai Regional Office and began his career with Hilton as an intern nearly 20 years ago.

Neville and his son, Maximilian holding his new baby sister.

Joanne, a Singapore-based mother and Hilton Executive Secretary of Operations in the South East Asia Area Office, enjoys Hilton’s flexible working hours to raise her two children under the age of five: both of which she had during her tenure at Hilton!

Joanne, her husband, Heament and their children.

Tell us about your family! How long have you been parents?

Jackie & Luis: Luis and I are new parents and are blessed to be on this exciting journey together!

Neville: My wife and I met at Hilton Oceanfront Resort, started dating in 2012 and got married in 2015. We have two children: one born in February of 2016 and the other born this year in October!

Joanne: Singapore has seen a steady rise in inter-ethnic marriages over the years and I am happy to be one of them! I have been married to my husband, Heament, for six years. I have two wonderful stepchildren (Shaym, 24, & Nikki, 21) and together Heament and I have two beautiful children, Sachin, 5 and Sage, 2. Motherhood hasn’t been easy – in fact, it was a struggle. Thankfully, I also have a supportive mother who stays with me. I have come to respect my mother even more after being a mother myself!

Joanne’s two children, Sachin and Sage.

Hilton has a number of benefits and programs, from parental leave to an inclusive and flexible work environment, to generous paid time off and exclusive travel discounts, designed to support our Team Members, including working parents. Could you tell us about how some of these programs helped you as a working parent? 

Jackie & Luis: As new parents, it was very important to us to spend as much time as possible with our newborn son. I took full advantage of the eight weeks of maternity leave and the additional two weeks of parental leave. Luis was able to spend a month at home while using the two weeks of parental leave in combination with paid time off. This time allowed us the opportunity to build a close connection with our new baby. Additionally, we both work remotely, allowing us flexibility and the opportunity to stay close to our son when we returned to work.

Neville: The flexibility of the Hilton work environment is great – I know I can approach my direct manager and ask for support, and it is willingly given. This reduces stress and promotes a positive work-life balance. My family utilizes the Go Hilton travel discount, which also allows our family to visit us in Dubai. Hilton, as a company, understands that “things” happen, and having that flexibility allows me to be more productive.

Joanne: My husband, Heament works in the aeronautical industry. His job requires him to travel often. This means I usually have to do solo-parenting on most weekdays. Hilton’s flexibility has enabled me to strike a work-life balance. For example, on unfortunate days that my children are ill, it is important for me to step in and be there for them instead of leaving them to the care of my helper and mother.

[Jackie also uses Hilton’s industry-first partnership with Milk Stork, which enables U.S. Team Members* to easily ship or carry breast milk home to their babies while traveling for work.] 

Jackie: The ability to breastfeed my infant is so rewarding, so the opportunity to continue to provide my son with his primary nutrients, or “liquid gold,” felt incredible. The first time I traveled on business I was in tears because I could not salvage my breast milk to return home. However, since June when Hilton extended the Milk Stork benefit to employees traveling on business, I have been so much more relaxed and thrilled to know that my son can still be nourished while I am away for work.

How did you feel about your opportunity to take paid parental leave? 

Jackie & Luis: We both felt very privileged to be able to take parental leave to acclimate to our new life with a newborn. It allowed us the opportunity to spend quality time with our son on his very unpredictable schedule. The transition back to a normal work schedule was much easier than if I were to return to work any earlier.

What is your favorite thing about being a working parent at Hilton?

Neville: As a Team Member, I see how Hilton truly values us. The recent and ongoing changes and additions to the company benefits show this commitment! Hilton is not afraid to think outside the box and challenge the regional norms. For example, maternity leave in the UAE is only 45 days and the majority of companies still only stick to this mandated requirement and paternity leave is not even given in most cases. It is admirable to see Hilton take a global approach to benefits.

Joanne: Having flexible working hours at Hilton is my favorite thing about being a working parent at Hilton because I have the ability to work remotely from home! This helps me to save time on my commute, which actually makes me more inclined to start work earlier and finish later!

What advice would you give to other working parents?

Jackie and Luis: To take full advantage of all the parental benefits and cherish the time with your family. Time flies by so fast!

If you’re interested in joining a company recognized as one of the best workplaces for parents, search Hilton’s job openings at jobs.hilton.com!

*For Team Members with greater than 1 year of tenure. Team Members in unions should consult their collective bargaining agreement for eligibility. Further eligibility restrictions may apply.

**Team Members include employees at Hilton corporate offices and its owned and managed properties, and employees of franchisees who work on property at independently owned and operated franchised properties in the Hilton portfolio.